Moss Trumpet LP (Penultimate Press, 2018)
Funeral Mutes LP (Mould Museum, 2016)
Franco-Prussian Fillets cassette (Albert's Basement/Mould Museum, 2012)
Tenth Volume of Maps LP (Lost and Lonesome Recording Co, 2011)
Subdivide & Never Stop cassette (Breakdance the Dawn, 2007)
Francis Plagne CD (Synaethesia/Mistletone, 2007)
Idle Bones CD (Synaesthesia, 2006)

Francis Plagne & crys cole Two Words LP (Black Truffle, 2018)
Francis Plagne & Andrew Chalk, The Painter's Family cassette (Mould Museum, 2018)
Andrew Chalk, Painted Screens 10" LP reissue (An'archives, 2018)
Joe Talia & Andrew Chalk/Hanna Chetwin/Francis Plagne Split cassette (Nice Music, 2016)
Food Court LP (Kye, 2014)
Andrew Chalk, Painted Screens cassette (An'archives, 2014)
Inevitable Orbit, Block Dissolve cassette (Albert's Basement, 2014)
Inevitable Orbit, First CDR (From the Same Mother, 2010)  

The Lifted Brow 6 2CD (The Lifted Brow, 2009)
The Warm Cupboard Compilation LP (Albert's Basement, 2009)  
ESP CD (Nervous Jerk, 2007)
Mistletonia CD (Mistletone, 2007)

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